Artist and songs:

  Bush- Machine Head
  Dishwalla- Countiing Blue Cars , Moisture, Charlie Brown's Parents
  Seven Mary Three- Cumbersome
  UFO - Doctor, Doctor, Love to Love
  Alice Copper- Welcome to My Nightmare
  Molly Hatchet- Dreams
  Weezer- Hashpipe, We Are All On Drugs
  Black Sabbath - Fairies wear boots
  ZZ Top- Manic Mechanic, Fool For Your Stockings
  Eric Clapton - Mainline Florida
  Led Zeppelin - 10 Years Gone, Rock -n- Roll
  Joe Bonamassa - Blue & Evil
  Billy Joel - You May Be Right
  Tom Petty - Need to Know, Breakdown
  Georgia Satelittes- Keep Your Hands to Yourself
  Stone temple Pilots -  Interstate Love Song, Plush, Sex Type Thing, Crackerman
  Smithreens - Blood & Roses
  Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly , Hero, Everlong
  Angel City - Marsailles ( Mar- Sey)
  Pink Floyd - Emty Spaces, Young Lust, Pigs, Breath
  Tonic - You Wanted More
  Alice in Chains - Your Decision, Nutshell
  Lynryd Skynryd - Give Me Three Steps, Needle and the Spoon
  Weezer- Hash Pipe, We are all on drugs
   ........ To name a few, plus many more ..........